Marnelle's Psychological Consulting Services


Marnelle van Rooyen 



Marnelle is a registered Counselling Psychologist and obtained her Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology Cum Laude from the University of the Free State (2008). She was awarded the George Roux trophy for the best Psychology Intern at the Unit for Professional Training and Service in the Behavioural Science; the PPS Prize for best final year student in the Masters’ Programme in applied psychology; and the Alumni prize for best B.Soc.Sc Masters’ student during this year. 

Before directing her focus towards the corporate sector and psychometric assessments, Marnelle worked as a Psychology Clinic Manager on a health care train and as a psychology lecturer at a private institute of higher education. Her private practice has always been focused on psychometric assessments for diagnostic-, developmental- and selection purposes, and Marnelle decided to apply her analytical flair and passion for development to the corporate sector. Her professional training in CBT and Solution Focused Therapy, combined with a passion for psychometric assessments and individual development, allowed Marnelle to establish her own niche area in a competitive environment.